Let's Learn About Electric Wheelchairs

By Frederick Walton

Perhaps the greatest scientific contribution that Canada has made to the entire world is that of the electric wheelchair. Developed by Dr. George Johann Klein in the 1950s, this has been considered as a wonder invention in the field.

The electric wheelchair came as a great relief to the second World War veterans. Thousands of war victims were benefited by it. The electric wheelchair of Dr. Klein underwent many modifications. Today, there are many enhanced variants of it catering to specific customer needs.

The wheelchair today is found useful not only by the invalids and quadriplegics; but also persons with cardiovascular irregularities. The models now available are meant for both indoors and outdoors. Some models are compact and portable with various features.

The electric powered wheelchair can be used not only by paraplegics and quadriplegics; doctors now advise patients with cardiovascular problems to use them. The wheelchair has become customized. It is equipped to be used both indoors and outdoors. Some wheelchairs are portable.

The electric wheelchair is regulated by means of joysticks; puff/sip controls or chin controls. Besides controlling the speed, direction and such other parameters, the electric wheelchair can be made to perform the essential functional motions and movements such as tilting and stretching out which would not have been possible otherwise.

But electric wheelchairs are very expensive with the prices ranging between 1000 and 3000 dollars. Advanced models can cost up to 10,000! They may also require constant servicing. However, transporting someone on a non-powered wheelchair can be quite a task, so in cases where the person needs extra help from a motor to move along, an electric powered wheelchair is great to have. - 30652

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Reviewing Mobility Scooter Manufacturers

By Tariq Yaman

An Electric Mobility Scooter gives us freedom, swiftness and style. More specifically, a scooter looks nothing like a wheelchair, so it's really fun to use. Identifying and paying for the appropriate mobility scooters could seem complicated, though, a bit like finding the perfect pair of jeans.

Happily, as with jeans, if you select a few trustworthy companies which typically live up to your standards, you might have a substantially easier time narrowing down the choices. A few of the most well known and reliable scooter companies are Pride, Pacesaver and Invacare. Each brand has its own good and bad points, so you'll need to establish your priorities and shop accordingly.

Pride mobility scooters are especially reliable general purpose scooters which work equally well on the street or in the house. Pride scooters are well designed, which means they're a bit expensive. Despite that, approximately half of Pride's inventory is approved for reimbursement by Medicare, therefore they are still perfectly available for anyone in need of some financial aid.

Pride's Sundancer is a reliable three-wheel scooter designed to negotiate confined homes, work areas and bathroom stalls. Despite its compactness, this little scooter manages playgrounds as easily as malls.

Pacesaver mobility scooters are solid and dependable. More importantly, Pacesaver is appreciated for their maintenance, service and user friendliness. Pacesaver scooters are engineered with their owners in mind, so every one of their buttons are really in sensible places. Pacesaver's Fusion Heavy Duty scooter can accommodate riders as heavy as 450 lbs and includes a small universe of available accessories. These brawny scooters can climb hills and navigate uneven terrain without losing power. You will probably not need a scooter meant for supporting 450 lbs, but whatever you want, Pacesaver probably offers a reliable model to live up to your expectations.

Invacare mobility scooters are reputed to manage just fine on flat, hard terrain. Make sure to take a closer glance at Wheelchair Vans as well. Invacare's bigger products steer easily enough to be usable in shops and libraries, while the more compact Invacare scooters will sustain the power level while motoring down the concourse or up a driveway. However, they manage quite badly on soft or uneven ground, and they are infamous for bumpy rides. If you're pavement person who merely wants to keep up with traffic, though, Invacare has a product for you. The Invacare Panther can get through the city streets while squeezing four wheels and up to 300 lbs of driver through any convenience store.

Obviously, there are more scooter companies, and there are plenty of other machines to choose from. Identifying a good brand or two is a sensible start, though, because it will let you to identify a benchmark against which others could be judged. You could be surprised how far some expertise can go in helping you to find your next Electric Mobility Scooter & Wheelchair Vans. - 30652

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Designing Your Home to be Wheelchair Accessible

By Tariq Yaman

Currently, it's a buyer's market with regard to houses, so getting your dream home is a snap, right? What happens, though, if a buyer's dream home has to be Electric Wheel Chair accessible? Getting an existing home which happens to be wheelchair accessible it hard to do. It's more reasonable to stick with the home you now own and, if permissible, remodel the structure to be wheelchair accessible. A simpler possibility, though not really cheaper, is to build that dream house. Whichever of these possibilities you choose; here are a few basic pieces of advice to start with.

Obviously, a two-story home is not usually called wheelchair accessible. Staircases can be issues, and even motorized lifts require a lot more space than normal staircases were supposed to occupy. If you could eliminate second stories or basement rooms in your house; do it. Ramps are useful for accessing the deck, but significant adjustments in floor level usually cause more problems than they cure.

If you now have a second story, it's worth finding out if a residential elevator is affordable. As soon as your floors are arranged, though, you should really figure out floor coverings. Hearth rugs will not help you, as they are well known for getting caught in wheels. Carpets ought to function well, providing you have wall-to-wall carpets or they have a chambered trim edge that will be affixed to the floor.

If you've been in a wheelchair for even a month or two, you understand that doorways and work surface heights are outrageously important. A wheelchair accessible doorway ought to be more than 32' wide, and any work surfaces for a Mobility Chair user ought to be approximately 34" tall. A wheelchair bound person can have difficulty grabbing anything over 48" off the ground, so top doors or shelving should not contain anything important.

A bathroom is meant to be a nirvana of relaxation in today's nerve-racking world, so, your bathroom is not the room where you want to be constantly reminded about your physical condition. If you can manage, a 3 x 4 foot roll-in shower stall ought to be in your bathroom. Most regular toilets may be usable by putting in grab bars and maybe a seat riser, although any efforts to adding to an existing bathtub will only decrease the amount of annoyance as opposed to solving the problem.

As a result of the aging demographics of the United States, we now have a greater demand for wheelchair accessible housing. As a result, we have an increasing selection of new home plans and also very helpful fixtures to help homeowners with inadequate mobility. Being in a Transport Wheelchair is hardly fun, although this will probably be the best time in history to live with that minor aggravation in your life. So, learn about your possible plans, find a carpenter and turn your house into that dream home. Happy building! - 30652

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Safety Proofing Seniors' Homes

By Susan R. Love

Many seniors live in homes that have not been equipped for elderly care. This makes injuries more likely, which is unfortunate because it takes people longer to recover as they age. However, there are many safety tips that can help prevent a serious injury.

There are some steps that can be taken in any living area of the home.
* All rugs and loose carpets should be either tacked or taped to the ground. This will prevent seniors from tripping on turned-up corners or scrunched rugs.
* Electric cords should be secured to the wall or placed under rugs so no one trips on them.
* Sharp corners on tables or countertops should be covered to avoid serious injury in the event of a fall.
* Staircases should have railings on both sides that are strong enough to support a person's full body weight. Ideally these railings should extend beyond the top and bottom steps.

Bathrooms can be dangerous if they aren't adequately prepared.
* Installing an elevated toilet seat will allow elderly individuals to get up and down easily, as will adding a railing on both sides of the toilet.
* The shower should have a bar to grab in case someone starts to slip.
* Placing a shower seat in the tub increases safety.
* The hot water faucet should be labeled or painted red to avoid scalding.
* Slick floors can be made safer by adding a no-slip mat by the sink and shower.
* If the shower door is made of glass, it should be marked with colorful tape or decals so no one accidentally tries to step through the door.

The kitchen also needs to safety proofed.
* Any appliances that do not work properly need to be replaced. Using them increases the risk of injury. If money is an issue, hiring a repairman may be cheaper.
* Place all appliances at waist level so seniors do not have to struggle to reach things that are either too high or too low.
* Adequate lighting is especially important in the kitchen, where sharp tools are used on a frequent basis. Replace any burned out light bulbs and consider adding an additional desk lamp by the cutting board.
* Make sure the smoke detector is in good working order and has fresh batteries.

Safety proofing a home may seem like a daunting task, but it is necessary, and most of the jobs that need to be done are relatively simple. Enlisting the help of a friend is a good idea, as the job will go faster and you'll be less likely to miss anything. With the proper precautions, you can rest assured that your older friend or family member is living in the safest home possible. - 30652

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Residential Care Homes: A Useful Guide You Must Read If You Are Considering Your Future

By Howard Moses Jenson

There are numerous different types of Care Services available including Residential Care homes and care services at home, also known as Domiciliary Agencies, which help you to stay as independent as practical in your own house.

All of the Support services need to be registered with the Commission for Social Care Inspection ( CSCI ) and are continually inspected and reports prepared. These reports are available for everybody to read and it is important that you do read these reports to discover more about the service you are interested in and to discover how good they are.

The CSCI have introduced a 'Star' quality rating for all support services, ( from zero to three stars ) which will be shown on the new inspection reports. Three Stars being excellent to 0 stars being poor.

Inspection reports can be read for the care service providers on the CSCI website www.csci.gov.uk.

A good relationship with your care services provider is very important for everyone's wellbeing. The more they know you, the better they will be able to do their jobs.

All care services providers need to keep a standard of care which includes; professionalism, respect and they must ensure you are treated with politeness.

If they are providing food for you, they should offer you a choice of food, when and where you would like to eat it, and they should guarantee it's been prepared in accordance to your faith. Your mealtimes are a crucial part of the day and should be a pleasurable experience. Your carers should give you the time, space and help you need to be certain you enjoy your meals.

If you find the standards unacceptable, you are also able to leave at any time. If they are providing food for you, they should provide you with a choice of food, when and where you would like to eat it, and they should ensure it has been prepared in accordance to your faith and religion. Your mealtimes are an important part of the day and should be an enjoyable experience. Your carers should give you the time, space and help you need to be certain you like your meals.

Adult Placement Schemes Care houses for Adult Placements Care houses for Adults 18-65 Care houses for Older folks Care at Home [Domicillary Care] Nurses' Agencies - 30652

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A Guide on Pediatric Wheelchairs

By Tariq Yaman

Pediatric, or child's wheelchairs can be purchased in practically as many distinctive styles as adult Electric Medical Wheelchairs, yet with the additional factor of being sized to comfortably hold a child's smaller body type. There are some more questions to consider if you are planning to buy a pediatric wheelchair, though, and we will discuss those considerations. The two most important subjects to think about are the capacity of the wheelchair and the manner of support it offers the child. As soon as those details are settled, you are going to want to consider how to transport that wheelchair. Finally, you'll find minor details to make any wheelchair more child-friendly, so these are going to be addressed too.

The first task at hand is to select the appropriate sized wheelchair. As anyone knows, investing in items for children requires that you must figure out the size he is right now and also how much larger he will get by the time he is done with the thing. This is fairly simple, because pediatric wheelchairs vary in capacities from 35 lbs to 250 lbs, and quite a few are made to grow when required. If the child employs the wheelchair for a permanent condition, then any adjustable sized wheelchair might prove a good investment.

The next deciding concern is the child's health. Does the child call for very much physical support, or do they need a four wheel or a 3 Wheel Scooter? Many chairs have a series of restraints and head and torso support for riders who are unable to hold themselves up, while others provide merely the most basic back support and no headrest at all. Will the user be able to propel himself someday, or will he always need another person driving the chair? Manual chairs can be found with over sized back wheels and push handles which may detach, or you may think about motorized wheelchairs with joystick controls.

Transportation is another practical question when selecting 3 Wheel Electric Medical Wheelchairs. How often must the child be bundles into the family car daily, and how quick does that task need to be? A well made manual wheelchair which collapses can be quickly moved in and out of a regular family car so long as the child can be shifted to a car seat for the length of the journey. If your child is too large to lift repeatedly, if he cannot use a manual wheelchair or requires constant head and torso support, then a motorized wheelchair would be needed, along with a chair lift and a vehicle intended to accommodate it.

Finally, we ought to take the child's opinions to heart. Pediatric wheelchairs are available in several happy colors, and you will find a large group of colorful seat fabrics, appliques and specially configured backpacks to offer some personality and fun to the wheelchair. This might seem like irrelevant details to average adults, but keep in mind, the child is the one living in the chair; it may as well be as enjoyable as possible. - 30652

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Alzheimers Disease Should You Contact Your Local Association

By Buddy U. McLellan

Alzheimer's disease or better known as dementia is named after its discoverer Doctor Alois Alzheimer. He founded that a person suffering from this illness has progressive brain cells corrosion. The person may look strong but there will difference in speech, behavior, and memory thinking. Some people ignore this signs; they believe there are only effects of aging.

Patient with Alzheimer's disease or commonly known as dementia, has a strange tissue contains neurofibrillary tangles and amyloid plaques that affect behavior and thinking. Alzheimer's disease attacks a person in different types. While the development of its symptoms differs among affected individuals. It progresses on people with ages three to twenty years old, however, classifying the beginning and ending of symptoms at each period is tough.

Alzheimer's disease comes with three different types of progressive stages. Early stage is a mild situation in which patient has difficulty with language, executive functions, perception (agnosia), or execution of movements. Patients under the middle stage have a memory problem, failure to recognize relatives, frequent crying, wandering, and resistance to care giving. Finally, the last stage has more severe symptoms. Patient has a complete loss of speech, extreme apathy, and exhaustion. Most of the time, the person needs an assistance on every task to make. Person under this stage are mostly bedridden. They lost control on their muscles, as well as feeding themselves.

At the United States of America, over 4 million persons are affected by Alzheimer's disease. Most of them are over 65 years of age. Scientist proved that the incidence of the disease may increase while the person grows older. Thus, it must not be found on younger generations and it will be unusual if it will be seen on younger people.

While the disease progress, symptoms includes confusion, mood swing, aggression, irritability, and memory loss. Some are not capable using their senses, as well as communicating to their relatives. There are no available treatments for this disease; however, exercise, balanced diet and mental stimulation are advised. Closed relatives must show affection to make the patient feel the importance of their life. Some patients are founded rejection from eating foods, while other disregards care giving. Alzheimer's disease is a terminal illness. Person under this situation will not die unless they don't have a healthy lifestyle. - 30652

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